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Repair Shop B comes through! January 8, 2011

Posted by bernie87fl in Music.

My computer stinks no longer.

Over at Repair Shop B, they actually observed the glitch I have been talking about all this time, the one that makes my computer slow and unstable but goes away whenever I take it in for service. Well, now I can say:

Yay, I’m not crazy!!

They made the problem go away by running disk-repair software. But after we discussed the history of this glitch, we agreed that this fix is only temporary, that the hard drive has been gradually corrupting my system files, and the glitch will return.

So they replaced the hard drive. Unfortunately, since Repair Shop B had not installed the bad drive, I had to pay them to replace it. Yeah, I probably should have just paid them for their testing time and taken the machine back to Repair Shop A, but I guess I got impatient. After all, my machine was sitting right there on their bench, fifteen minutes from a real fix … and I’ve had enough Murphy’s Law lately.

Poor Repair Shop A is now returning my original drive under warranty. I guess I will end up with an extra drive—I can always use it for backups—or maybe they will trade me for a new battery. That would be nice. This battery is almost kaput.

So I got the machine back home yesterday morning and started over with a fresh new hard drive. So far, I have only installed the OS, and I am only using it to browse the web. That may not sound like much, but I had gotten that old glitch twice on similar clean installs, within 48 hours of use. Waiting, I am, for that glitch to return, but it has not, as we pass the 24 hour mark. Keep those fingers crossed! After I feel sufficiently confident, I will copy over all my files …

and THEN …

I get to install my new software!! Logic Studio and Ableton Live, that is.

Very excited.


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