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Green Mountain: all instruments September 16, 2009

Posted by bernie87fl in Music, Song.
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Here are all the instruments for this song (my second), with a pretty decent mix. This was my main project for August and the first half of September.

Green Mountain, an Audioslave remake, all instruments

Yes, it’s repetitive: you are listening to a rock song sans lyrics. This makes the mix a little thin, actually, because I simply muted my vocals out of the full mix. The music is straight out of a song by Audioslave, except I changed a few chords and repeated the bridge to accommodate a spoken segment. And, of course, I have totally changed the instrumentation.

And so, yes, that solo instrument after the first bridge is another kazoo!

I actually spent more time on vocals than anything else, experimenting with recording and mixing techniques, and arrangements, to see what works with my voice. I found some good stuff. I am excited!

Now that I know what the vocals will sound like, it is time to write the final lyrics. But first, I will go back and finish tweaking the drums in “Symbolic Dog Blues.”


1. Anonymous - January 6, 2010

Good start to a song–Look forward to hearing the finished product.

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