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Full Mix of “Symbolic Dog Blues,” rev. 2 July 28, 2009

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We are really getting there now!!

I have rewritten and rerecorded the more confusing bits of dialog, rerecorded all of Jimbob’s middle dialog (where his voice had suddenly changed), and fully mixed the whole song.

Jimbob still has some voice-matching trouble, but it is not as bad as before.

Symbolic Dog Blues, rev 2

What’s left?

Keep on improving the Jimbob voice match, and add some drum fills.

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1. Anonymous - July 28, 2009


Wow, it really comes alive with the complete mixing. And it’s very funny, too.



bernie87fl - July 29, 2009

Thanks, Dad!
The trickiest part to mix was the middle section where Jimbob gets interrupted by the heavy electric guitar. To fix up this part, I rewrote his lines so they would fit in the quiet spots; then I put the guitar in the center of the stereo field, while Jimbob remains toward the right; but whenever the guitar competes with him, I move it to the right in addition to turning up its volume. All this has made the interrupting effect work much better.

bernie87fl - August 4, 2009

And, by the way, where do you suppose I got my definition of “funny”?

2. Anonymous - August 12, 2009

One day you can explain this to me.

bernie87fl - August 12, 2009

Ha, I’m not so sure about that … did you say *explain* ? I hope you heard rev. 3. It is better than this one.

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