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Guitar finished through end of “Symbolic Dog Blues” July 9, 2009

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That’s right, another instrument is done, all the way through!

The clip below fades in at the third instrumental, where you will hear drums, bass, organ, and guitar through the end.

Excerpt fading in at third instrumental

Still to go are the Kazooka and all voices. Jimbob will take his turn singing, with Brit joining in for an extended duet. Then as Brit picks up the guitar, Jimbob will answer him on the Kazooka, with the usual character banter throughout. The only question is, will I finish it before summer ends? We can always hope.

For any newcomers:

The song you are hearing (assuming you clicked the gray triangle, ahem) is my exercise in learning to mix and produce audio recordings. I am playing all the instruments and doing all character voices and lyrics. The only exception is the drum kit, which I programmed on my computer.

When you hear gaps in the music, as if something is missing, that’s where I will be singing or speaking or playing the kazooka. Particularly at the end, in the gaping pause before the big finish, Brit will say, “Why do we always bury that bone?”

No, this is not your typical song! I am having too much Frank-Zappa-and-Weird-Al-inspired fun! And while I may not be the first person ever to rock out with a distorted kazoo, I’m probably the first you’ve heard of! We can always hope.

Find out more: hear the first two completed verses.


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