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Guitar solo for Barry Fantle’s “Twelve Step Program” July 1, 2009

Posted by bernie87fl in Music, Song.

Today, I had fun finishing up a guitar solo for my songwriter friend Barry Fantle, for his song “Twelve Step Program.”

I had nearly finished it in my first session two weeks ago, but I had to stop after—get this—I got a blister on my little finger! That’s right, Dire Straits fans, it really happened to me! Actually, it was my ring finger, but that’s close enough.

See, I hadn’t played much lead guitar in weeks, and my fingertips had gone soft. Since this song is a quick two-step blues, my solo was full of glissandos, sliding that ring finger into and out of most phrases. I played through the pain, soldiered on even as the blister developed, grimaced like a Bruce Willis character, thought I might finish in just one more take, and then … it popped. Ewww!

There was nothing to be done but wait for it to heal, which I’m surprised to say took a full two weeks.

Now, I am sending Barry the audio by Internet, so he can mix it into his song. I hope he likes it! When he releases a mixdown, I will post it here.


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