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Symbolic Dog Blues—Two Verses Completely Complete April 22, 2009

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Not sure what a Kazooka is?
Get the back story,
and even more back story.

Here is the next episode of my Kazooka blues song. This takes us fully through the second verse and second solo, with all parts mixed in. Next, I get to record the third and final verse. I am excited!

Click to play “Symbolic Dog Blues,” two verses complete …

My mixing skills have come a long way! Though a professional could still make key improvements, I am very happy with the sound now. There is just one issue that still bugs me: Jimbob (with the low southern voice) sounds like three different people throughout the song, because I did his dialog in three different sessions. I thought I would be able to match these recordings, using various audio settings, but that continues to elude me. Do I need to learn more, or does all his dialog need to be rerecorded (“dang it!”) in a single session? That is something to ask a professional mixing engineer, whom I will hire when I have finished recording the rest of the song.

For whatever reason, Brit’s dialog—which likewise was done in three different sessions—has mixed together very nicely. I guess that means there is hope.

Who Are These People? …

Several friends have asked me who is doing these voices and playing these instruments. Folks, I am not organized enough to hire a bunch of musicians, on the clock, and tell them what to do and when to do it! I have done all the voice work and played all the instruments myself in my basement, making up most of the details as I go. All of these sounds are live instruments—if you’ll let me call a $1.29 kazoo and a tequila bottle “instruments”—except for the drum kit, which I programmed in software.

On the technology side, all audio is recorded through an Apogee Duet Firewire interface into my MacBook Pro laptop, running Apple’s GarageBand software. GarageBand comes preinstalled on every new Mac. The microphones are a Shure SM57 dynamic and a RØDE NT-1A condenser. I do own a really nice digital keyboard, but I have not used it yet in this song. It may or may not appear in the third verse.

Next …

The third and final verse cranks it up for the finish. I wrote sketchily about those plans here.

Thanks for listening!


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